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IRIS-Autopot® Projects - Cameron Highlands

A very special project on this 1,000 acre site near Kampong Raja, Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. This project includes Autopot® farming, conventional farming, housing and commercial centres.


Rooftop Fish Farm - Autopot® Aquaponics

Aquaculture set up at the IRIS-Autopot® Rooftop - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


IRIS-Autopot® Rice Paddy

Rice growing is always a fascination. To grow it on a rooftop is just mind boggling. After 10 months of trials, we dare confirm that it is real and keeps getting better. How about the idea of making your own city self sufficient in Rice eg. Singapore. Possible? or plain madness?


Autopot® Systems have been successfully implemented and used in many commercial projects around the world, creating solutions for countries where water is scarce, where there is a shortage of labour and where traditional growing medium is hard to come by.


Below are a list of small selection of projects using Autopot® Systems.

IRIS-Autopot® projects managed by IRIS-Agrotech are mostly confined to Malaysia. There are current farms in operation, growing mostly sweet melons and tomatoes.  New farms and projects are continuously in operation.

The sizes of the farms range from 1 to 20 acres with a total growing capacity of more than 200,000 Autopot® units and still expanding. More crops will be included and the most spectacular inclusion of all is the invention of Autopot® Organic Rice Production System fully intergraded with fish farming.


Sweet Melon Farm

Located near Kuala Lumpur where rainfall is so frequent that the water requirement for this farm is never a problem. Making use of the site elevation, this farm was able to feed all the plants (20,000 growing units) by gravity.


Elmac Hydroponic Farm

Warrnambool, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
2,000 sq. M greenhouse with good climate control, 10,000 growing points with tomatoes.


Flemington Racecourse

Stunning display of colours - Petunia pink craze in hundreds of Autopot® Hydrotray units


Autopot® Rooftop Wonderland

The idea of growing plants on rooftops is not new but with the Autopot® Technology, unlike most rooftop projects, we go beyond growing conventional hardy ornamental plants. We have created a highly productive food wonderland on top of the IRIS building producing an assortment of fruits and vegetables.


Rooftop Sweet Melon

This is a project being undertaken by the government to try to get youth in to farming. Modern methods of farming may be more appealing to them than the old ways.


Medialess Sweet Melon

Demeter Farms Pty Ltd in Banting is located an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. This farm has made a remarkable achievement in modern hydroponics by succeeded in producing sweet melons of consistent sweetness of brix 12 to 15 without any growing medium in the Autopot® System.

OP Nursery 12inch5.JPG

Oil Palm Fertigation

Most people will agree that if we can apply the annual allocation of fertilisers at daily dosages to individual palms, we can expect a substantial improvement in yields. The method adopted has to be cost effective and also be less dependent on labour. As far as we know, there is virtually no satisfactory system operating in Malaysia.


Spring City Golf & Lakes Resort

Spring City Golf & Lakes Resort in Kunming, China, is already a beautiful place with its lovely views from the clubhouse overlooking the huge and scenic Tangchi volcanic lakes and the challenging golf courses designed by Robert Trent Jones and Jack Nicklaus. The beauty of Spring City Golf Resorts has been further enhanced by the thousands of colourful flowers lining the entire viewing gallery using Autopot® Systems.


Morwell Hydroponic Farm

This project is very special as the bulk of the work is carried out by people with disabilities. The simplicity of the Autopot® System makes it an ideal hydroponic system for them.



The Seagull Group selected the use of Autopot® Systems for their hydroponic vegetable production of a mixed crop of cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces, herbs and Chinese broccoli. The key reasons behind this decision is Autopot®'s water efficiency (due to the scarcity fresh water), zero run-off (less environmental impact on the sensitive corals) and simplicity.

22.7.2014 (24).JPG

Pulau Manis Farm

Given to the poor by IRIS Corporation.
In 2010, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib, handed over the keys. 19 greenhouses were built to generate economic activities for the settlement. Total of 30,000
Autopot® units for the planting of high value crops eg. Melons.


Kuala Lipis Integrated Farm

A housing and Autopot® integrated farm project


Padang Rumbia Farm

Padang Rumbia is a unique project which is undertaken by IRIS Corporation Bhd in response to the aspiration of the Malaysian Government to uplft the standard of living of the poorer communities in Malaysia - the kampong (villagers).


Slim River Farm

Converting wasteland in to a highly productive farm - 10 times higher than normal farms.


Tanjong Tualang Farm

A RM$25 million project designed to provide alternative career opportunities for retired Malaysian National athletes.



Juan researched the internet for a hydroponic system that is simple and applicable for his sub tropical climatic conditionsl. After thorough investigation and a trip to visit Autopot® Systems in Melbourne, they were convinced that the Autopot® System is the most suitable system for him in Paraguay.

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