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Gravity fed commercial Sweet Melon Farm - Malaysia

Located near Kuala Lumpur where rainfall is so frequent that the water requirement for this farm is never a problem. Making use of the site elevation, this farm was able to feed all the plants (20,000 growing units) by gravity


Rainwater is collected from the roofs of the greenhouses to the central storage tank below. Water is pumped into a 5,000L black tank (in circles) in front of each greenhouse (1,000 plants). Nutrients added manually in to the tank, the plants are then fed by gravity.

Safe organic sprays - Neem extracts used for the control of pests & diseases. This variety can be harvested 55 days from planting 1 week old seedlings. The farm produces top quality fruits - no blemishes, nice colour and consistently sweet with Brix averaging 15.

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