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There's hardly any plant that won't grow in an Autopot® growing module. Click on the galleries below to have a look at the variety of plants grown in Autopot® Systems. 

Jim Fah's orchids at home!! Grow in his


Orchid growing couldn't be easier with Autopot® Systems. It's as simple as planting your orchids in to the Autopot® planters, and then either connecting to the Autopot® Smart Pump Set, filling up a gravity fed reservoir, or filling the outer reservoir in the case of the Twin-Wall Smart Pot models. The day to day watering and feeding of the orchids will be taken care of by the Autopot® Systems for years.

Growing Strawberries 🍓 at home using th


Here you will see a gallery of outstanding results growing various crops from the Autopot® Systems. All fed using Autopot® nutrients.


Autopot® Retail Shop...

Each Spring, the GardenSmart storefront is covered with a display of cascading Petunias, all growing in Autopot® Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes. Here is a small selection of the variety of plants and trees we've grown at GardenSmart...

We’re not the only one who can grow amaz

Autopot® Customers

Here's some customer photos of what our customers have achieved using the Autopot® Systems. Thank you to all our customers for sharing their gardens with us.

GardensmartMirboo 020.jpg

A Farmhouse Conversion 

Autopot® Systems have helped this makeover even more stunning! What a beauty! Located 120km east of Melbourne.

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