Photo: Harvesting Galangal grown from an Autopot® Hydrotray Single 12" module

Crops grown from Autopot® Systems

Below is a gallery of outstanding results growing various crops from Autopot® Systems. All fed using Autopot® nutrients.

Harvesting of carrots grown from Autopot® Hydrotray Single 12" modules in Melbourne, Australia. Second half of the video clip demonstrates the cost effectiveness in growing your own carrots for personal consumption.

See how productive an Autopot® Hydrotray Single 12"
module can be growing Galangal ginger. Since planted 10 months ago, the ginger was automatically watered and fed from the Autopot® Smart Pump set. The end result is 5 kg of ginger corms which, at times. can fetch up to $20 per kg in the supermarkets.

Autopot® Systems

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