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Photo: Cucumbers grown in Autopot® Hydrotray Double 10" modules


Autopot® Systems has a module which will suit almost any application. Click on an item below for further details.


Autopot® Hydrotrays

Hydrotrays are our most popular product. Their versatility for growing the largest range of plants and providing them plant driven feeding and watering make them an ideal choice for small or large systems. 


Autopot® Window Box

Perfect for a practical garden on balconies, fences, walls or vertical gardens. Works well for herbs, lettuce, ornamentals or other smaller varieties.


Autopot® Hanging Basket

Autopot® Hanging Baskets operate with zero run-off, making them an ideal solution for hanging plants in places where traditional hand watering is not practical. All you have to do is connect them up to a low pressure water supply and watch your plants grow! 


Autopot® Square Pot - Hanging Basket

Autopot® Square Pot for even bigger plants!. Features a convenient flip down saucer for easy access to the Smart-valve.

mini smart pot.jpg

Autopot® Twin Wall Smart Pot

These self-contained Twin Wall pots are no ordinary self-watering planters. They are the world’s first planters that know exactly how to water your plants correctly. Never too much or too little. Always accurate whether it's Summer or Winter. The secret is the Smart-valve that's present in each of the planters which allows the plant to be in control of its own moisture needs.


Autopot® Smart Dripper

The Autopot® Smart-Dripper is the ideal solution for delivering nutrient solution to larger plants in the ground or in a large planter.


Autopot® Smart Pump

The Autopot® Smart Pump Set pressurises the feed line so that you can position a growing module anywhere you can place the tubing.

22.5.2015 (280).JPG

Autopot® CapPlus Tray

The Autopot® CapPlus tray takes capillary watering to the versatility of a larger growing area with the table setup.


Autopot® Single Float

The Autopot® Single Float is designed to keep a set water level for your ponds, tanks, fountains, nutrient tank etc...Just place the unit on the base of whatever you want to fill, and adjust the string float up to the water level you desire!. 


Autopot® Kits

An ideal way to get started with Autopot® Systems!


Autopot® Accessories

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