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Photo: Pumpkin grown in Autopot® Hydrotray 10" Double Modules

Autopot® Window Box

- 800mm wide x 210mm depth x 160mm high (including pots) -


Perfect for a practical garden on balconies, fences, walls or as a vertical gardens. Works well for herbs, lettuce, ornamentals or other smaller varieties.


The Autopot® Window Box is simple to use - just plant your seedlings (or seeds) in to the 6" pots with your preferred growing medium, then simply drop the pots in to the slots, and fill up the reservoir tank with water and nutrients. Thereafter, just fill your nutrient reservoir when required and allow the Smart-valve (located within the centre of the trough) provide plant driven feeding and watering to your plants.


You can grow practically any shallow rooting plants successfully including Cyclamens, Violas, Pansies, Labellias, Bridal veil, Petunia etc


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Autopot® Window Boxes can be mounted using either a screwed on wall bracket (left) or hook-on bracket (right) which is sized to hook on to a standard fence railing.


Photo: A beautiful display of Walking Iris grown in Autopot® Window Boxes

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