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Autopot® Smart Pump Set

A Plant Driven Pumping System

This unique pump set was developed specifically for Autopot® Systems.

The Autopot® Smart Pump Set pressurises the feed line so that you can position a growing module anywhere you can place the tubing. This means that you are no longer limited by the logistics of having to locate all your growing modules beneath where you position your gravity tank. As the 12V pump works by detecting a drop in pressure, as soon as a Smart-valve begins to release another cycle of water to a growing module, this will trigger the pump to start delivering water and nutrients down the line until the feed line re-pressurises (i.e. when each Smart-valve in the system becomes closed after having been filled).


What does installing the Autopot® Smart Pump Set mean?

- You can place a growing module anywhere up to approximately 20ft higher than where your Autopot® Smart Pump Set is located.

- The Autopot® Smart Pump Set has been tested to work over a kilometre of tubing, so the unit doesn't have to be anywhere near your plants - you can place it in a shed or garage.

- You can connect up to 1000 pots to this unit, so once you find that you have to fill your gravity tank too frequently to supply enough for your expanding system, then the Autopot® Smart Pump Set can supply a virtually limitless amount of water (assuming you have it connected to the mains).

Autopot Technical drawings-20.png

The decision to install a pump system is usually governed by economics. It is often cheaper to put in a pump assisted system than it is to install a large tank, or when there are space limitations that make a large tank difficult to site.



The answer lies with the fact that this is….A PLANT DRIVEN PUMPING SYSTEM .


That is, the plants decide when the pump should work and not us. This can only be made possible when used in conjunction with the Smart-valves developed by the Autopot® Systems.


This pumping system is very energy efficient. It starts only when there is a need to refill any one of the Autopot® units as demanded by the plant. Usually only one or two Autopot® units require watering at any one time. Hence, the pump is not made to work continuously.



12V DC diaphragm pump.
Powered by either a battery (plus a means to keep the battery charged e.g. solar) or a mains converter/transformer.
Comes with two part nutrient dosers.
Can run dry for hours.
Generates high working pressure,
Can deliver nutrient solution up to 20 feet high.

Photo: Autopot® pump set delivering water and nutrient to various Autopot® modules growing fruits and vegetables.

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