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Photo: Chinese Parsley grown on the Autopot® CapPlus Tray.

Autopot® CapPlus Tray

- 126cm x 75cm x 8.5cm -


The Autopot® CapPlus tray takes capillary watering to the versatility of a larger growing area with the table setup. WHAT IS CAPILLARY WATERING? It's the watering of potted plants from underneath using the wicking action from the capillary matting travelling up the growing media where the plants can draw its water requirements.
All you need to do is place the potted plants, cubes, trays or anything with holes at its base on the capillary matting – so long as the media is contacting the matting, the wicking action will keep your plants watered.
Available as either standard or with a heat cord option for propagation.


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