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Photo: Pumpkin grown in Autopot® Hydrotray 10" Double Modules

Autopot® Hydrotrays

To each according to its needs Autopot® Systems are designed so that the individual plants in their individual containers can dictate when they get their water, according to their needs. Hydrotrays are our most popular product. They allow the feeding and watering of plants according to the size of the variety of plant you wish to grow. 


Autopot® Hydrotray Double 10" module


- 600mm x 270mm x 190mm - 

The Hydrotray Double 10" module contains a Smart-valve in the centre of the Hydrotray.  For more information on how the Smart-valve works, click here.  The Hydrotray Double 10" module is great for tomatoes and cucumbers, even ornamentals as displayed in our GardenSmart retail display. Ideal for use inside greenhouses which can be neatly configured on stands or arranged for maximum space utilisation.  


Autopot Technical drawings-06.png
Autopot Technical drawings-07.png
Autopot® Hydrotray Single 12" module

Photo: Galangal grown from Autopot® Hydrotray Single 12" module

- 400mm x 340mm x 290mm -


This module is designed to take a single pot, thus allowing more control over the spacing of the plants. It is ideal for growing larger or deep rooting plants. This green 12" module uses a fitted valve cover to locate the Smart-valve in the tray.

Extending the system is simple - several units can be fed from a single reservoir. We recommend to feed not more than 4 units from a 35 litre Hydrotank.


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