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Photo: Herbs in Autopot® Mini Smart Pot

Autopot® Twin Wall Smart Pot

- 25cm diameter x 20cm height. -


These self-contained Twin Wall pots are no ordinary self-watering planters. They are the world’s first planters that know exactly how to water your plants correctly. Never too much or too little. Always accurate whether it's Summer or Winter. The secret is the Smart-valve that's present in each of the planters which allows the plant to be in control of its own moisture needs. All you have to do is to ensure that the integrated reservoir located around the perimeter of the pot doesn't run out of water, the actual release cycles is taken care of by the Smart-valve.

Being a self contained unit they do not require an external reservoir making them ideal for use indoors or areas where an external supply of water is not available.


Autopot Technical drawings-13.png
Autopot® Mini Smart Pot

- 18cm diameter x 14cm height -


This mini version of the Twin Wall self watering pot has a miniature Smart-valve that allows for a growing module with smaller pot volume. Ideal for smaller varieties such a smaller orchids, herbs, etc... for placement indoors on a window sill or a table.

The picture of the "clear" model demonstrates how the outer wall (reservoir) stores the water, whilst the inner compartment (where the plant resides in an inner sleeve) has a different water level regulated by the miniature Smart-valve. You can literally see the wet-dry cycle in action!



The reservoir stores 1.3 litres which will be drawn down by the Smart-valve after each dry cycle for your plant. The miniature Smart-valve now incorporates adjustable silicon stoppers to always get a perfect seal for the floats!.

Available in a variety of colours.

* Note, we recommend the use of mineral water or the addition of Oxy Plus (Hydrogen peroxide) to the water in the clear model to avoid algae buildup.


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