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Photo: Petunias grown in Autopot® Hanging Basket

Autopot® Hanging Baskets

- Size: 255mm diameter x 190mm high -


Autopot® Hanging Baskets operate with zero run-off, making them an ideal solution for hanging plants in places where traditional hand watering is not practical. All you have to do is connect them up to a low pressure water supply and watch your plants grow!

* No hand watering or feeding - let the Smart-valve release nutrient solution to the plants when they need it.
* No run-off.
* Can be left unattended for weeks - it means you can go on long vacation without worrying about your plants.
* Grows exceptionally beautiful plants as they get what they need, when they need it.


Autopot Technical drawings-15.png

Hanging Basket set up using either Autopot® Smart Pump Set or gravity feed.

Autopot Technical drawings-16.png
Autopot Technical drawings-19.png
Autopot Technical drawings-18.png

Autopot® Hanging Baskets can be securely mounted on a wall or pole using the Hanging Basket Ring (below).

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