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Photo: Creating housing and Autopot® integrated farm

IRIS-Autopot® - Kuala Lipis Integrated Farm - Kuantan, Malaysia

A housing and Autopot® integrated farm project


Total land area - 50 acres
Development plan - Fully integrated farm undertaken by IRIS Bhd in co-operation with the Pahang State Government to build 100 homes for the poor.

Integrated farm includes 400 x 2,500L tanks of fish (mainly Jade Perch).
8 acres of fruit trees with free range poultry producing 50,000 birds per year.
Central focal point of a beautiful traditional Malay house as Homestay facility.
Project value approximately $US10 million.
Gauranteed profits.

Workers to be employed from local area.

Setting up 10,000 m2 of specially made paddy trays.


Photo: Dual crop - Melon & Ginger underneath

Melons growing in Autopot® Smart Double Trays without media on top of
benching and Ginger growing in Autopot® Single Hydrotrays underneath
(pictured below).

Below: Two crops in one tray. Lettuce and Melon planted at the same time. Lettuce can be harvested in 30 days and the melon 35 days later. Synergy appears to be working.

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