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Photo: Rice in Autopot® Paddy Tray

IRIS-Autopot® Rooftop Rice Paddy

Rice growing is always a fascination. To grow it on a rooftop is just mind boggling. After 10 months of trials, we dare confirm that it is real and keeps getting better. How about the idea of making your own city self sufficient in Rice eg. Singapore. Possible? or plain madness?

Venturing into unchartered territories, we just have to make use of existing equipment to try out rice planting in Autopot® System. Here, we use standard 10 inch pots, filled with different growing medium and placed them in modified trays each equipped with a Smart-valve. Now we have gone through 3 crop cycles and the results have been very enrouraging especially with the special rice hybrid owned by IRIS Corp.

The initial work with existing Autopot® products for rice growing provided invaluable information on how to custom design trays meant for Rice growing using the Autopot® technology. These purpose made Rice Grow trays are now ready for our next phase of our trial which will be expanded to 1 hectare (10,0000 sq. M) in size. We reckon results from a trial of this magnitude should be adequately reliable for use in future Autopot® rice yield projections.


Growing rice on rooftop (zero run-off)

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