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Cameron Highlands

A very special project on this 1,000 acre site near Kampong Raja, Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. This project includes Autopot® farming, conventional farming, housing and commercial centres.

Project Summary:


Size: 1,000 acres
Development plan - Autopot® farming in conjuction with cold water fish (trout) using 15% of land area mainly under cover. No heating or cooling needed. Going organics progressively. Upmarket housing and commercial buildings all of which will have flat roofs with plants in Autopot® systems. Building construction using special KOTO system. Includes homestay and holiday units.
Location: Cameron Highlands in the state of Kelantan. Middle of Malaysia.
Altitude: 4,000 ft above sea level.
Weather: Excellent growing weather. Cool nights 15deg & warm days 25deg.C 70%humidity.

No strong winds. Just mild breezes. Year round the same.
Terrain: Steep slopes with very good qaulity soil.
Water supply: Excellent quality water supply from streams flowing through the property.


Photo:  Autopot® grown tomatoes are now proudly on sale on supermarket shelves in Malaysia and Singapore.

Planning and Development
Homestay Facility/Lodges

Photo:  Spring onions in Autopot® CapPlus Tables


Photo:  Butterhead lettuce in Autopot® Double Pot Square Trays

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