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Photo: Elmac Tomatoes grown in AutoPot™ Hydrotray Double 10" Module

Elmac Hydroponic Farm

Warrnambool, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
2,000 sq. M greenhouse with good climate control, 10,000 growing points with tomatoes.


Elmac Hydroponic Farm initially trialled 250 plants as a comparison with their existing Run To Waste System. With everything being equal, they were surprised to find it is so simple to get such good results with the Autopot® System even with their first attempt. When compared to the performance of their current Run To Waste System, the growth, yields, flavours and shelf-life of their crop were surprisingly better in many instances. Trials extended to 2,500 plants and the results have been consistently better. The Farm converted 100% to running the Autopot® Systems with their extension to 10,000 growing points.


Below: Autopot® System (Left) vs Drip to waste (Right)  

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