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Spring City Golf & Lakes Resort - Kunming, China 

Spring City Golf & Lakes Resort in Kunming, China, is already a beautiful place with its lovely views from the clubhouse overlooking the huge and scenic Tangchi volcanic lakes and the challenging golf courses designed by Robert Trent Jones and Jack Nicklaus. The beauty of Spring City Golf Resorts has been further enhanced by the thousands of colourful flowers lining the entire viewing gallery - as shown in the photo gallery below.


Autopot® Systems have been installed over 200 meters of the gallery decks. These are fed from a single battery operated Autopot® automatic pumping & dosing System. The window box troughs containing the Smart-valves were specially designed so that they could be easily attached to the current metal and concrete structures without any structural changes. Each window box is rectangular in shape measuring 100 x 10 x10cm and is designed to hold 10 units of commonly used local 100mm diameter plastic pots.


In total, there are more than 2,000 potted plants contained in the window boxes. These plants are raised two to three months ahead in a modern nursery facility within the golf resort and at any one time there will always be sufficient plants ready to change over at short notice. Changing over of the plants is very easy due to the unique features offered by the Autopot® System. It is as simple as removing the old pots and plants and replacing them with new ones. It takes 6 workers only two days to make the complete changeover! Quick, simple and no mess - with instant results. The new plants settle in with no signs of stress and no noticeable signs that they had been changed.

Besides the beauty, simplicity and cost saving of the Autopot® System in this installation, there is also an amazing water efficiency. There is zero run off. All the water delivered to the plants is either taken up by the plants or is lost through evaporation. This is due to the Plant Driven concept - unique to the Autopot® Systems.


Below: Spring City - Autopot® System in use currently 10 years running.

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