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AutoPot™ Systems
The "Plant Driven" Concept - To each according to its needs...

AutoPot™ Systems are "Plant Driven” watering and feeding systems capable of supplying the needs of a huge range of plants individually using the unique wet-dry cycle of the patented AutoPot™ Smart-valve. The range of applications for AutoPot™ span from a single plant through to thousands of plants in multi-hectare installations.

Features of AutoPot™ Systems

* Where water is scarce, AutoPot™ Systems excel as there is no wastage or run-off.

* When there is no electricity, AutoPot™ Systems can be run by simple gravity.

* When choosing to run a pressurised AutoPot™ System with a pressure pump, the amount of energy required is so small that a single car battery powered by the sun would be sufficient to produce 25 tons of tomatoes annually.

* What plants can you grow?...We are yet to find a plant that would not thrive in the AutoPot™ Systems. We've had great success with plant varieties ranging from tomatoes to lettuces, orchids and even cacti.

What we have discovered so far with the AutoPot™ Systems is only the tip of the iceberg. Its fullest potential is yet to be realised. Through 30 years of research and innovation, we are still learning new applications and refining processes for plant driven watering and feeding systems to ultimately bring the joy of growing and producing yields to feed the world!.

Jim Fah
Inventor of AutoPot™ Systems.

Photo: Beefsteak tomatoes grown in AutoPot™ Single 12" Trays


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