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Plant Driven Feeding And Watering Systems

AutoPot™ Systems

The "Plant Driven" Concept - To each according to its needs...

AutoPot™ Systems are "Plant Driven” watering and feeding systems capable of supplying the needs of a huge range of plants individually using the unique wet-dry cycle of the patented AutoPot™ Smart-valve.
The range of applications for AutoPot™ span from a single plant through to thousands of plants in multi-hectare installations. 

The AutoPot™ System is idea for a hobby grower or for commercial use. 

Features of The AutoPot™ System

Saves Water

Where water is scarce, AutoPot™ Systems has no water wastage or nutrient run-off.

What plants can you grow?

We are yet to find a plant that would not thrive in the AutoPot™ Systems.  We've had great success with plant varieties ranging from tomatoes to lettuces, orchids and even cacti.

Ease Of Use

Where there is no electricity, AutoPot™ Systems can be run by simply gravity.  

Energy Efficient

When choosing to run a pressurized AutoPot™ System with a pressure pump, the amount of energy required is so small that a single car battery powered by the sun would be sufficient to produce 25 tons of tomatoes annually.

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Our Background

The Inventor of AutoPot™ SYSTEMS ~ Jim Fah

Our Latest Projects

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News and Media Coverage


IRIS-AutoPot™ Projects - Cameron Highlands

A very special project on this 1,000 acre site near Kampong Raja, Cameron Highlands of Malaysia. This project includes AutoPot™ farming, conventional farming, housing and commercial centres.

Learn More

Rooftop Fish Farm - AutoPot™ Aquaponics

Aquaculture set up at the IRIS-AutoPot™ Rooftop - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Learn More
Jim Padi 16.11 (8).JPG

IRIS-AutoPot™ Rice Paddy

Rice growing is always a fascination. To grow it on a rooftop is just mind boggling. After 10 months of trials, we dare confirm that it is real and keeps getting better. How about the idea of making your own city self sufficient in Rice eg. Singapore. Possible? or plain madness?

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AutoPot™ Rooftop Wonderland

The idea of growing plants on rooftops is not new but with the AutoPot™ Technology, unlike most rooftop projects, we go beyond growing conventional hardy ornamental plants. We have created a highly productive food wonderland on top of the IRIS building producing an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

Learn More

TenWay, Taiwan

A spectacular display of Nodding Violets in AutoPot™ Hanging Baskets

Learn More

Taiwan Cafe

A specular display of ferns in AutoPot™ Hanging Baskets in a Taiwan Cafe

Learn More

Model village gives hope to poor Malaysians

A new self-sustainable village in Malaysia is attracting interest from other countries, its aim is to help poor people living in rural areas to provide for themselves. 
This a real life story of one of the beneficiaries from the IRIS AutoPot™ Integrated farm that has attracted the attention of the media. In the pipeline, 4 more similar farms are been constructed and 6 more the following year.


A look at Malaysia's 'smart villages'

Malaysia is currently constructing environmentally sustainable villages to tackle rural proverty, using simple farming methods.
Jennifer Pak has been to visit one modern farm that grows a range of crops as well as efficiently farming chicken and fish - all thanks to plastic pots which have a "smart valve" to regulate water and nutrients. 
The houses in the village are also quick and cheap, because they are built using Styrofoam.

AutoPot™ Malaysia appointed by UNDP for Tsunami relief - Maldives

Autopot® Systems

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