Photo: Smart-valve cleaning in progress

IRIS-AutoPot™ - Tanjong Tualang Farm - Perak, Malaysia
A RM$25 million project designed to provide alternative career opportunities for retired Malaysian National athletes. Like most athletes around the world today, they retire at a very young age - seldom past 40 years of age. Often retired athletes do not have other skills to earn a comfortable income for themselves and their families. This is exactly what this project is about - offering the opportunity to acquire a new set of skills in modern farming and we are proud to be part of it.
Project Summary
Land area - 100 acres.
Developed area - 10 acres.
Location - Tanjong Tualang, Perak, Malaysia. Three hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Crops grown:-

Currently one variety of Sweet melon (Golden lady) in 21 greenhouses.30,000 AutoPot™ units producing 3 tons of fruits per week mainly exported to Singapore.
Soon to be added are fruit trees and fish.
AutoPot™ System feeds all 30,000 plants by gravity.
Water supply- Bore water

Other commerical activities:-

Lovely traditional Malay homes pictured above provides recreation, packing and Homestay*.
Value adding activities (fruit drying, composting).
AutoPot™ farm training
Rice growing SRI2 methodology and hydroponic rice.


One farm manager, two assistant managers and four technicians.
Priority for ex-national sportsmen. Farm manager is ex-marathon champion (ex-army).
Thirty farm helpers from local community (no foreign workers).
When fully developed, potential employment for 100 personnel.
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Sqaure Melons for niche market.
Fruits produced for the Chinese New Year - Fruits of Prosperity.
Farm management team
Well pollinated fruit