Photo: Cascading Petunia's grown in AutoPot™ Hanging Basket

Flemington Racecourse - Melbourne
Stunning display of colours - Petunia pink craze in hundreds of AutoPot™ Hydrotray units (left and right).
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Before - note the poor condition of the Azealeas even with irrigation.
After - Azealeas were pulled out and the soil in the planter were levelled. Two rows of the AutoPot™ double pot trays system were installed on top of the soil surface and planted with nodding violets.  In just 6 months, the result is really stunning - fully covered with a carpet of lovely blue flowers.
Nodding Violet - Streptocarpus...A lovely perennial that flowers profusely year round. It is classified as a hanging basket plant. However, we discovered that it is also an excellent ground cover.  I believe this is the first time it has been ever grown as such.  Nodding violets thrives in the AutoPot™ Systems, the plants just needed to be watered and fed accurately and consistently to produce its best performance. This is made possible with the Plant Driven feeding and watering provided by AutoPot™ Systems.