Auto Pot Systems ®Plant Driven Watering and Feeding System
Plan Driven Concept

“Plant Driven” Concept.
To each according to its needs

The Autopot Systems is designed so that the individual plants in their individual containers can dictate when they get their water, according to their needs. A wide range of different plants in an Autopot Systems will each take on water at totally different times and cycles, rather than being tied to an automated cycle. This is achieved without the use of electricity, pumps or expensive plumbing, yet the system operates fully automatically as dictated by the plants themselves. For instance, in the Autopot Systems, a potted cactus that may require water every third day or so will happily thrive alongside a tuberous begonia which in summer is demanding water three or even four times a day, each time getting a wet cycle and each time becoming virtually dry again before the water is replenished, as nature intended. Both plants will flourish. This is the vitally different aspect of the Autopot Systems and the one that gives the system its great advantages. Even the most sophisticated computer controlled watering cycle cannot come anywhere near matching the advantages of having the plants dictate their own individual needs.

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